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Nilai-Nilai Perusahaan

  • J (Jujur)
    Honesty is an attitude that creates harmony of thoughts, words and actions that are carried out with good intentions that are sincere, sincere, and based on noble character. An honest attitude must be carried out by daring to reveal the facts as they are, uphold commitment and trust, act fairly and wisely, uphold integrity and ethics as well as sincerely and selflessly. The honesty that must be adhered to by the people of PT Jakarta Infrastruktur Propertindo must also avoid several things that are far from honest, such as closing/ distorting existing facts, being defensive against criticism, abusing authority, making decisions and not their rights.
  • A (Aksi)
    action means that all employees of PT Jakarta Infrastruktur Propertindo are also required to have the ability to take action in realizing plans with optimal results. For this reason, an enthusiastic and full of enthusiasm is needed in carrying out the mission in every job, working smart, consistent and solutive. In addition, every individual must have a courageous attitude and be ready to face risks at work, including having a tenacious, persistent and disciplined attitude in stepping and working focused and target-oriented. To carry out the mission to achieve the vision, every employee of PT Jakarta Infrastruktur Propertindo is asked to avoid being lazy and delaying work, not being pessimistic and resistant to goals, always being awake in realizing the Company’s ideals by not being negligent and careless in carrying out tasks and lastly personally. PT Jakarta Infrastruktur Propertindo is expected not to give up easily in facing problems.
  • K (Kompeten)
    In realizing the Company’s dream, every employee of PT Jakarta Infrastruktur Propertindo is required to have an ability to carry out or carry out a job that is based on knowledge and supported by an attitude that is manifested as an expert in his field. The form of competence must be carried out carefully, disciplined, critical in attitude, capable and knowledgeable. In addition, each employee must also strive to improve personal and group qualities (soft and hard skills), be able to overcome problems in the task environment, be able to manage several different tasks in each assigned and assigned job and always strive to provide the best results.
  • P (Professional)
    The Company also requires every employee to be professional, work with a sense of calling and sincerely do work according to their expertise consistently and responsibly to produce the best according to company rules and goals. Professional means being proactive, working to use all potential optimally, understanding and carrying out their duties in a directed manner, enthusiastic in working and daring to admit mistakes and not repeat them. Every employee of PT Jakarta Infrastruktur Propertindo is required to be professional. Upholding professionalism is the same as trying as much as possible and as strong as possible to avoid personal attitudes that work haphazardly, are lazy to work, commit disgraceful acts, ignore problems that arise and leave work.
  • R (Respect)
    Respect is an attitude of mutual respect for all stakeholders based on reliable capabilities so that they are able to work well together with the aim of producing original and measurable products and services. Respect must be shown by respecting differences, prioritizing common interests above individual interests, respecting time and being responsible for work, appreciating efforts and results that support the progress of the company and having a big heart and being wise in carrying out the mandate that is mandated and carried out.
  • O (Open Minded) 
    The Company also encourages every employee to be open minded by accepting and anticipating changes in an open and creative way of thinking that is in line with the Company’s goals. Every open-minded person is also required to always look for new methods and ways of working as well as new alternative ideas that are beneficial to the Company. In addition, an attitude of openness also means an attitude that is always ready to face changes and the risks and opportunities that arise. An open way of thinking also means that every employee is able to think outside the box or be innovative which is progress-oriented and creates and improves superior quality in line with the development of the business environment.
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