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Sarana Jaringan Utilitas Terpadu (SJUT)

Ducting is one solution to control several utilities that will be installed or built-in an area by several entrepreneurs because ducting will make it easier for entrepreneurs to build infrastructure lines or access various locations where ducting is already available. This arises because entrepreneurs are competing to build infrastructure for companies that on average use technology as a mobilization, but entrepreneurs do not run everything in an orderly manner, including installing infrastructure or accessing carelessly, both planted (planting cables). or installed on poles (air cables) so as to damage the aesthetics and beauty of the city.

PT Jakarta Infrastruktur Propertindo is one of the companies appointed for the Sarana Jaringan Utilitas Terpadu  (SJUT) Program or in other words Joint Ducting which is planned to be held in DKI Jakarta, which is expected to reduce all negative impacts related to the SJUT program which is related Social and Environmental.

Toll Road​

In mid-2014, PT Jakarta Propertindo as the shareholder of PT JIP carried out corporate actions, namely and grouping business fields. PT Jakarta Infrastruktur Propertindo, which was originally named PT Jakarta Communications received the surrender of shares of PT Jakarta Marga Jaya and PT Jakarta Access Toll Priok from PT Jakarta Propertindo, where the company is engaged in toll road investment. So that in that year the Company had 2 (two) subsidiaries, namely PT Jakarta Marga Jaya and PT Jakarta Access Toll Priok.

PT Jakarta Marga Jaya is a toll road investment company that was established in 2009 through a joint venture with PT Jasa Marga Persero Tbk, establishing a subsidiary named PT Marga Lingkar Jakarta which has received a concession to build a 7.67 KM toll road between Ulujami Kebon Jeruk West Jakarta, is a freeway network and was built for the purpose of completing the JORR road network in order to increase the mobility of access to the south and west of Jakarta, in addition to reducing traffic density on inner-city toll roads. complete and start operating.

However, towards the end of 2020, according to the decision of the shareholders of PT JIP, the shares of PT Jakarta Marga Jaya were released to an outside party, namely PT Astra Tol Nusantara.

PT Jakarta Access Tol Priok, established in 2009. This company was originally formed based on a collaboration between the Ministry of PUPR and the DKI Provincial Government. Priok Access Toll Road in collaboration with PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancol Pratama, a subsidiary of the Jaya Development Group. Until now, PT JIP still owns 50% shares in PT JATP.


PT Jakarta Infrastruktur Propertindo has also been active for more than 5 years to serve businesses as contractors. Among them that we have built are BTS Towers, GPON/FTTH Construction in Buildings, Flats and Apartments, Ducting Construction for Fiber Optic. PT Jakarta Infrastruktur Propertindo also has permits related to construction including SIUJK (Construction Services Business License) and other permits.

The best construction services and trust can only be achieved through the commitment of PT Jakarta Infrastruktur Propertindo, with the support of all company partners, the company’s financial support, and the implementation of effective and efficient technology management.

PT Jakarta Infrastruktur Propertindo is committed to completing every construction project. This is inseparable from planning, implementing, and controlling projects with effective, efficient construction methods and taking into account K3 standards (Occupational Safety, Health) as well as an effective and dynamic Work Environment.

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