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Saas/Aps – Seat management (Persoalan, Memberikan Solusi, Gambaran Solusi)

Digital presence is more real than ever, and more so in the future. As more information becomes available, the decisions companies make are becoming increasingly important. Ensuring that they are targeting the right customers, at the right time. With the right offer it is possible with customer related data available through digitization.

The need for IT solutions requires every company to provide IT equipment and infrastructure in the work environment. The larger the IT equipment needed is directly proportional to the needs for solutions and infrastructure that must be implemented.

In addition to these needs, companies face the challenge of how to manage, maintain and calculate the amount of investment required. Seat Management provides solutions to manage IT infrastructure in one comprehensive system. The Seat Management solutions we provide consist of: :

  • Inventory & IT Asset Management
  • Patch Management & Security
  • Service Desk
  • Software Distribution
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