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Tower Provider

In its core business, PT Jakarta Infrastruktur Propertindo is a provider of telecommunications infrastructure, especially tower providers. In our portfolio with all the largest operators in Indonesia, we as the tower provider provide various solutions, including In-building coverage, Microcell poles, macrocell poles for BTS hotels.

With the very fast development of telecommunications networks and the need for infrastructure, our towers have spread not only in Jakarta but also in neighboring Jakarta, Banten, and Bogor. This business provides solutions such as Network Planning (Drive or Walk Test), Land Acquisition & Site Licensing, Infrastructure Design & Construction, to Full Maintenance.

With the latest innovation spirit to achieve Jakarta Smart City, PT Jakarta Infrasturktur Propertindo will continue to develop along with technological advances in order to provide benefits to the entire community.

Site Management

Site management is one of the business sides of Jakarta Propertindo Infrastructure in the form of managing Telecommunication Towers owned by Tower Providers or Operators. Jakarta Propertindo Infrastructure takes part as a telecommunication tower manager starting with a Management collaboration, namely the management of 11 telecommunications tower sites that utilize land and assets belonging to the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government.

The prospects for the telecommunications industry in Indonesia will continue to shine in the years to come. The motor of the sector’s development is the cellular industry, which still has the potential to add customers. The opportunity exists because many mobile phone users have more than one SIM card. Not only that, the trend of customer demand for data services, especially smartphone and tablet users, continues to increase as the prices are increasingly affordable by the wider community.

The telecommunications network will grow exponentially according to the increase in the number of users connected to the network. The value of the telecommunications network referred to in this statement is the amount of its economic value. The more users or the number of nodes connected to the network, the greater the economic value.

Of course, the increase in the number of customers and services must also be balanced by infrastructure development such as the construction of base transceiver stations (BTS). As a result, the increasing need for BTS will boost the BTS tower contractor business.

GPON (Gigabyte Passive Optical Network)

Jakarta Smart City is impossible to achieve if the infrastructure is not ready, in the information age, especially in Jakarta, fiber optic has become the standard in the telecommunications industry because it provides speed and has a very wide range.

Advances in technology and trends in the need for large-capacity data are increasing, thus requiring fiber optics as infrastructure. with the entry of 5G network technology in the next few years. Fiber optic becomes the foundation of the network needed.

PT Jakarta Infrastruktur Propertindo not only builds an internet network but provides multimedia services (Voice, Data, Video, and other content) for residential and business customers, which are sourced from one point and distributed to several customers, in this case including the Internet.

The internet is one of the technological developments that can help mobilize a company or individual, with the ever-increasing need for internet needs, PT Jakarta Infrastruktur Propertindo provides End to End solutions with GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) technology for HRB (High Rise). Building) and landed areas with a business scheme:

  • Contractor & Manage Services;
  • Turnkey (Full Investment for Infrastructure) & Revenue Sharing.
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